Colic in a baby can be relatively mild or very distressing and painful. Symptoms can include excessive cramping, crying, moaning, groaning, straining. With too much trapped gas and wind, baby often develops reflux as well.  Symptoms are most commonly due to trapped gas and wind, either in the stomach, intestinal tract or both. Colic can be divided into different types and stages.

Why does gas and wind get trapped? 

  • Not burping completely - leaving that "deep one" behind 

  • Trapped intestinal gas - the immature intestinal 'hose pipe' can have a kink

  • Excessive swallowing of air when feeding 

  • Formula that does not agree with baby

  • Allergen to cows milk

  • Enzyme not present to digest milk


Although most parents first rush to medicate, the quickest relief or 'cure' comes from just two things:
1.  Burping routine... not just one or two positions but rather a range of techniques.

2.  Deep intestinal mobilisation exercises to help untrap gas....


Do these and see a massive difference! (treat the cause and not just symptoms)


Of course this is common sense but surprisingly few parents go this route. It requires a little time and effort and most of us are hoping for a quick fix from a spoon full of medicine! There are many 'colic remedies, gripe water, probiotics, etc, ' that may relieve symptoms for awhile but these should be seen as a temporary measure to help while you work on the cause. It is not wise to keep giving medicines to your baby if they aren't fixing the problem!


There are two ways we can help:

Teach you what really works - Watch Video's on Learning Center:
1. Active burping routine of 6 different techniques to release both shallow and deep burps

2. Deep intestinal gas release techniques - 6 ways to encourage 'farting' to ease some of the pressure that is causing the cramps, moaning, etc..

Let's Talk - Telemedicine:
There are other factors to consider and many questions for the new mom. Schedule a time, I will call you wherever you are in the world and we can discuss your particular situation. Then I can give best advice and guidance. 

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Dr. Greg Lacock has been specialising in colic and reflux for 25 years and has been at the forefront of research into this poorly diagnosed and treated condition. He has personally treated over 5000 babies and the techniques taught on this site have brought relief to many more in all corners of the world.  Safe, simple and easy to learn, it is the quickest and right way to help your baby!
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