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mother soothing crying baby

Is Your Baby Suffering From Symptoms of Colic?

We teach unique burping and winding techniques to release trapped gas and ease babies pain

Colic in a baby can range from mild fussiness to real pain. It is generally due to excess gas in the digestive tract. This can cause symptoms like cramping, crying, reflux and more.

What else could be the cause of your baby's distress?

There are other causes of colic-like symptoms and it can be complicated and difficult to diagnose. Our learning pages may give you the answers you need.

Learn The Best Techniques to Release Trapped Air in Baby

Burping and winding techniques for fussy, colicky and refluxing babies with Dr Greg Lacock, the Colic Guru

I have personally treated over 5000 babies and can show you what really works!

Dr Greg La Cock

Most colicky and refluxing babies can be helped with a good active burping routine using a variety of positions. Add to this, some deep abdominal massage techniques and most babies will see significant relief!


It is the quickest and most natural way to treat the cause of most colic and saves you from experimenting with expensive medicines! 


Colic relief for baby

"After doing the intestinal gas techniques we learned on the Masterclass, the improvement in Zack was remarkable. I was amazed continuously at how much wind was trapped there!"

—  Samantha and Zack

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