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Colic, Reflux and Restless Babies


Colic and reflux in a baby is most commonly due to trapped gas in the stomach or lower digestive tract. This cause's symptoms like moaning, groaning, cramping, crying, reflux, restless sleep and more. To learn more about the stages, causes and symptoms of colic, please visit our Learning Center.


Whilst there are many remedies that may provide temporary relief, nothing works as well as actually getting trapped gas and winds to release, whether out the top, bottom or both. Some babies are difficult to burp. Some have kinks in their immature digestive tract where gas gets trapped.


To treat theses and other causes, we teach you a unique routine of 10 exercises called the Colic Release Technique. These will help to get gas and winds out both top and bottom, as well as relax your baby.

Learn The Best Techniques to Release Trapped Air in Baby


Colic Release Technique (CRT) is a series of 10 exercises taught to the parents of infants suffering with colic related symptoms. They include deep burping techniques, specific abdominal massage points, and muscular stretches.


CRT exercises aim to ”release” pockets of trapped gas which often slow the passage  of milk through the digestive tract, leading to reflux and further symptoms. CRT treats causes rather than symptoms. The routine takes 10 minutes and should be done twice daily for 7-10 days. 

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Colic Guru Master Class

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  • Simply Subscribe and make payment of $35

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I have personally treated over 5000 babies and can show you what really works!

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Most colicky and refluxing babies can be helped with a good active burping routine using a variety of positions. Add to this, some deep abdominal massage techniques, a few muscular stretches and most babies will see significant relief!


Colic relief for baby

"After doing the exercises we learned on the Masterclass, the improvement in Zack was remarkable. I was amazed continuously at how much wind was trapped there!"

—  Samantha and Zack

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