baby can't turn head to one side....

why does my baby prefer to turn their head to just one side?

some parents will notice that their baby seems unable or unwilling to turn their head to one side. some will notice this when breastfeeding (only want to feed on one breast) and others will simply notice that their baby seems always more comfortable with their head turned to one direction.


this is not that uncommon and if there are no signs of discomfort, don't worry. it is probably just the way they were lying in the womb and the muscle imbalance will sort itself out in the first few months. be sure to do plenty of tummy time where you encourage your baby to look to the difficult side.


on our learning center, you will find a routine of gentle spinal stretches that restores good movement to the neck and hip muscles. these are very safe, gentle and easy to learn for the first time parent.

if, on the other hand, there is real, ongoing irritability associated with trying to turn their head in the difficult direction, you should look to see a chiropractor who deals with babies as there may be a muscle in spasm or even a misaligned vertebrae in their neck.