poor feeding and slow weight gain

when baby doesn't feed well, their weight gain can be slow


a common problem with fussy or colicky babies, is poor or fussy feeding. because of the build up of trapped gas and sluggish passage of milk through the digestive tract, the urge to feed is diminished.


if you've ever had a big burp that needed to come out, you'll know that the last thing you felt like doing was drinking or eating a meal on top of it. and so it goes with babies. burps that haven't come up or pockets of gas in the intestinal area cause a feeling of bloating. the gas and undigested milk also take up space.


the net result is less urge to feed and even though the baby may feed well, the reduced space for milk results in reduced intake. many parents will experience this as a 'colicky' or unhappy baby that is always hungry and never quite seems satisfied. the feeding interval can become very short.


the first step in resolving this issue is to focus on your burping techniques. secondly, if your baby is cramping and has a hard feeling abdominal area, you need to learn how to mobilise this gas and get it to move along. you can learn more about all of these on our online learning center.


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videos - hands on techniques for difficult cases

the routines below have proved to be the best way to get difficult burps out, release trapped gas and ease muscular spasms. each routine takes 5-6 minutes 

active burping technique 
these six techniques are very effective for getting deeper burps to release.  this is often the most important step in easing stomach colic.

intestinal gas

this series of 6 'release techniques' targets the most common areas where pockets of gas get trapped - the cause of all that moaning, groaning, straining and cramping! 

muscular and spinal tension
5 stretches that ease the tension that builds up when a colicky baby cramps and strains for days on end. 

audio clips - unique perspectives on all the common problems

audio clips speak to specific problems areas unique to unhappy babies. the goal is to give good advice and offer relevant options that the parent can try. simple management changes often make the breakthrough. 

Learning Center - Practical help and guidance
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diagnosis - which type of colic?

we will take you step by step through a process of elimination. once you have narrowed down the possibilities, it is a lot easier to start doing the right things!

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