baby not putting on weight

when weight gain is slow...


there are various reasons why a baby doesn't gain weight as fast as it should. feeding and colic issues are top of the list:


  • breastfeeding problems like a failure to latch

  • colic related issues like trapped gas and winds

  • formula doesn't suit the baby

  • reflux due to trapped pocket of gas

  • sickness


most pediatricians won't be concerned unless your baby is more than 20% below their ideal weight. 


but if you've ever had a big burp that needed to come out, you'll know that the last thing you felt like doing was drinking or eating a meal on top of it. and so it goes with babies. burps that haven't come up lead to pockets of gas in the intestinal area. these take up space and cause a feeling of bloating. the net result is less urge to feed. many parents will experience this as a 'colicky' or unhappy baby that is always hungry and never quite seems satisfied. the feeding interval can become very short.


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check out a demo of active burping to get deep burps out

colic baby not gaining weight
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