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does my baby have silent reflux?

when speaking about babies, reflux means milk comes out the mouth, usually vomited out. silent reflux is almost the same thing except that the milk doesn't actually come out - or only in small amounts. if not correctly treated, silent reflux can worsen into a colicky situation.. 


early symptoms:

  • fussy after feeding

  • looks like they are constantly trying to swallow something


as time goes by, you could see more severe symptoms presenting:


later symptoms: 

  • positing or small amounts of milk come out

  • moaning, groaning and crying spells

  • shortened feeding interval 

  • disturbed sleep

  • full blown refluxing and colic


very common in the newborn and in the first few weeks. baby's brain doesn't quite tell the body to stop eating in time! too much milk in the stomach and it bubbles up and down the oesophagus (pipe between your mouth and stomach).


don't stress...within the first few months, baby will regulate how much they eat.

burps not escaping

babies guzzle lots of air with the milk and if the milk sits on top of a air pocket, it bubbles up and down.

you may need to learn a different style of burping techniques - see our learning page.

valve problem

although rare, there could be a problem with a valve which lets too much milk flow upward instead of staying in the stomach.


if signs of severe pain continue (long crying spells), consult a specialist who may need to do a few tests and specialised x-rays.

cure baby's reflux!

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