Getting the Burps Out

Poor burping: number 1 cause of colic

basic burping positions


check out this video where Dr. Bradshaw shows the basics of burping a newborn. we call these static techniques - the baby is not really moving. most will be just fine with these or similar.


but for difficult cases, you will need to use more dynamic or 'active' burping techniques.  

poor burping and colic!


a trapped wind can cause havoc in the life of a family! some baby's are very hard to burp and if you have the bad luck to have a baby that can't burp, you'll know all about it.  


this little gas bubble can cause a bloated feeling, cramps, poor feeds, poor sleeps, etc.. if enough gas is swallowed when feeding, the stomach cannot fill up as it should. this leads to a baby that is unfulfilled and consequently, wants to feed again before too long. the time between feeds gets less and they don't sleep as long as they should.

different approach needed for difficult to burp babies 

we have learned that what works best for these cases is a completely different approach... what we call 'active burping' techniques. a lot more movement will almost always help to get those deeper burps to escape. join a class and learn how to master this art!


how to hold a colic baby

how we can help....

  • we teach:

  • active burping and winding techniques for difficult to burp babies

  • how and where to get gas pockets to escape

  • muscular stretches to ease tension and cramps