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Burping a Baby with Reflux

This is so important!


If a baby has reflux that is mostly runny or milky (not cottage cheesy) then you are almost always dealing with a burping problem. Get these burps out and reflux will go away!


If a trapped wind is taking up space, the milk gets stuck in the pipes- a sort of airlock. The body's response is simply to eject the milk. This can result in a baby that is unfulfilled and wants to feed again before too long. The time between feeds decreases and they often don't sleep as long as they should.


The solution is too get that deep burp to release - if it was a shallow and easy to release one then you wouldn't have a problem! So the standard over the shoulder or over the hand techniques are not going to do the job. You will need to do 'active' or dynamic burping techniques. This means techniques where you move the baby around a lot more and use the weight of their body and your hand position to get the deep burps to start coming up. 


You can learn more about all of these on our learning center.

They work like a dream!

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