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chiropractic treatment for baby colic....

How does a chiropractor help a baby with colic?


Chiropractors have been treating colic for generations but only recently has the research caught up. A very high percentage of parents report an improvement in colic symptoms after just a few treatments. Chiropractic works best for the 'muscular' type of colic. They may adjust, stretch and mobilise tight areas like the hip flexor muscles, as well as joints and muscles of the neck and lumbar spine.


Gentle mobilization techniques are used to align vertebrae that are 'out' of alignment and/ or stretch muscles that are tight or even in spasm.


When does a colic baby need a chiropractor?

Parents may notice that their baby prefers to turn their head in only one direction (can affect breastfeeding), or that their bodies are curved to one side (banana baby) or perhaps your baby seems very stiff and rigid. They may arch backwards excessively and kick out their legs. They often don't like tummy time because of a stiff, tense spine.  

If this sounds like your baby, consider doing the stretch exercises available in our subscriber area. If they don't help, consider finding a Chiropractor who treats lots of babies.


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