chiropractic treatment for baby colic....

how does a chiropractor help a baby with colic?


chiropractors have been treating colic for generations but only recently has the research caught up. a very high percentage of parents report an improvement in colic symptoms after just a few treatments. chiropractic works best for the muscular type of colic although most chiropractors are very hands on and spend more time talking to mom. in this way, they can often offer good advice.


chiropractors check the alignment and mobility of the spinal vertebrae and the flexibility in the related musculature. gentle mobilization techniques are used to align vertebrae that are 'out' of alignment and/ or stretch muscles that are tight or even in spasm.


when does a colic baby need a chiropractor?

most colicky babies will benefit by seeing a chiropractor who treats a lot of babies (not all do). parents may notice that their baby prefers to turn their head in only one direction (can affect breastfeeding). sometimes the babies body is arched in a banana like curvature to either left or right (banana baby). sometimes they simply feel stiff and tense, arch backwards excessively and kick out their legs. they often don't like tummy time because of an 'unhappy' spine.