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the best way to treat baby colic 

mother natures way!


colic and reflux are often part of the same syndrome and are most commonly linked to trapped pockets of gas and wind. the best way to help a colic baby is to get the burps and trapped winds to escape .... either out the top or the bottom. and best of all, it involves no medicine and costs nothing!


the most natural way to help is quite simply to treat the causes of colic which are almost always stomach or intestinal gas. this can mean getting the burps out through good burping technique that get the deepest burps to escape. it also means doing the right things to mobilise trapped intestinal gas. this could be practical massage techniques, tummy time and holding positions.


the Colic Release Technique is a hands on, active and practical way to treat the causes of babies discomfort. this approach consists of:

  • a 6 step active burping routine to get the deeper burps to release;

  • a series of deep intestinal massage techniques to mobilise trapped gas

  • special stretches to ease spasms in hip and spinal muscles


our program of teaching is aimed at the first time parent and is easy to learn and safe to do. of all the ways to treat colic, these techniques are by far the most natural and effective.


how to hold a colic baby


In this 30 minute series of short video clips, we will teach you unique techniques that get gas and wind to release from even the most difficult babies:

1. Active burping routine - 6 techniques to release deep burps from the stomach

2. Intestinal gas release - 6 ways to untrap flatulence from digestive tract and colon 

3. Easy step by step process - Instantly start to ease pressure

4. Almost always see positive changes within days

5. Reduce bloating, cramping, crying, reflux, etc

6. Costs $35 - Money back guarantee if no improvement

7. Watch as many times as you need

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