colic in a 3, 4 or 6 month old baby

the older baby with colic...


a typical baby with colic first shows signs of discomfort at around 2-4 weeks and these go away around 12-16 weeks.


that said, there are certainly plenty of babies that only start to show signs of colic at 3, 4 or even six months old. because this is unusual, it is especially important to diagnose the cause or type of colic

one of the more common causes for late stage colic is a change from breastfeeding to formula or simply a change in formula. sometimes the introduction of solids can trigger digestive spasms. perhaps medication may upset the balance of flora in the intestinal tract. and sometimes an overstimulating event can trigger a type of neurological colic.

whatever the cause, you will still need to do the same basics that you would with any type of colic - get the burps out, help the cramping and spasms. 


what to expect from baby in the first 3 months

a new baby puts you on a steep learning curve and a little knowledge can go a long way.


in this short video, pediatrician dr. dyan hes gives a short tour of some early concerns and what you can expect in the early months.         >>>