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how to hold a colic baby


Masterclass in 18 Short videos:

  • 6 Active burping techniques - helps stomach colic and 'milky' reflux

  • 6 Intestinal gas release techniques - helps intestinal gas and 'chunky' reflux

  • 6 Stretch techniques - ease spinal and hip muscles in stiff, tense babies

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soothing techniques
emergency measures!

when baby is screaming! here are a few ideas about how best to help your colicky baby

how to hold a colicky baby

the tiger in the tree - this is one of the best ways to hold a fussy or colicky baby.

pacifiers: do's and don'ts

a pacifier, or dummy, can be a great aid in treating colic. Dr. Dyan Hes gives a useful overview in this 2 minute video of the basic do's and don'ts for using a pacifier to soothe your fussing babe.

White Noise.PNG
white noise

white noise is used to help calm fussy or colicky babies. it can help to establish a sleeping routine. here are several hours of our favorite examples of white noise - play directly from this page.

feeding issues
hungry babies

not getting enough breastmilk is a fairly common problem for fussy and colicky babies. a few changes can be all that is needed. after all, if you were hungry, wouldn't you complain?

breastfeeding basics

not getting enough to drink or guzzling too much air. these 2 videos by a lactation consultant and a midwife might help

overfeeding and comfort feeds

is your boob the pacifier? feeding intervals, comfort feeding and when to introduce solids. these are all issues to consider

Reflux Baby.PNG
dealing with reflux 

milky or like cottage cheese? gas and wind or a formula that disagrees? reflux and colic are often caused by gas and winds that are clogging up the pipes. but there can be more to it...

general care and knowledge
the twenty biggest myths

this guide will help you to wade through the old wives tales and get up to date thinking on a variety of controversial subjects.

sleeping positions

getting good sleep is essential to break the colic cycle. what is best for colicky babies is somewhat controversial.

7 signs of teething and natural pain relief

these short 2 minute clips from mama natural offer a simple, straightforward way to tell if your baby is in pain from teething and how to relieve it naturally.

best milestones list

see milestones month by month for first year. understand what you're seeing as your baby grows! 


baby language

just for fun, see if you can understand what your baby is saying! watch this expert on the Oprah Winfrey show.

baby brain development

these videos discuss smart foods and ideas on how to help to stimulate the audio visual parts of the brain. 

headstart - an unfair advantage

this guide gives you the latest thinking from child psychologists about healthy brain development and how best to stimulate IQ

tummy time

spending awake time on their stomach is important for a number of reasons, including gas release. these 3 video's explain more about tummy time and show 5 different ways to do it.