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Mother with her Child
What we do...

We teach unique burping and winding techniques for colicky and refluxing babies


Visit our self help section for advice or sign up to our masterclass and discuss your situation with us..

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Infantile colic refers to trapped gas and winds in a baby. 

This results in symptoms like cramping, moaning, groaning, crying and reflux. Best relief comes from releasing trapped gas and wind, not just medicating the symptoms.

What is Colic?


"After trying some of Dr. Lacock’s techniques, Luke’s colic was markedly better, and all we needed to do was carry on with some very basic massage techniques, which you could hear working while doing it.

The day he had his first session he was as relaxed as a big old snake baking in the sun! He slept for hours, even missing a feed!"

— Sam and Luke

What's Included in our Masterclass

Video Series -Best Burping Techniques

Video Series - Deep Abdominal Techniques

Video Series - Stretching to Relax Stiff Babies

Your Questions - We answer our 'students' questions via email

Newborn Baby

Master Class




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The Colic Guru

Dr. Greg Lacock has been specialising in colic and reflux in babies for 25 years and has been at the forefront of research into this poorly treated condition. He has personally treated over 5000 colic babies and the techniques taught on this site have brought relief to many more in all corners of the world.  Safe, simple and easy to learn, it is the quickest and most natural way to help cure the cause of colic in your baby!

Proud Father

Learning Center ~ Self Help for Parents

Types and stages of colic, reflux and much more

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