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moms diet and colic

does moms diet cause or aggrovate colic symptoms?

the simple answer, is not really. in whatever culture you are are raising your child, they get exposed (at least partially) to the foodstuffs ingested by mother throughout the pregnancy. from day 1 of breastfeeding, baby is essentially getting exposed to everything that mom has. their bodies adapt very quickly and are rarely troubled by anything mom eats after the first exposure.


having reviewed the studies on this topic, we can say with some certainty that there is no significant link. the only studies that show even a slight correlation, may be to do with an allergy to cows milk and dairy products. and this can be even more important for a formula fed baby.


this is not to say that an excess of something couldn't have a short term affect. so a big dose of sugar (chocolate!), alcohol, spicey stuff, etc., could cause baby to have a bad day. but the effects would be short lived.


still some moms are quite adamant that eliminating dairy, wheat, etc, is what made the difference. it may be true in the odd case, but we wouldn't suggest mom go out of her way to change her diet, other than in short term elimination type experiments.


before you stress to much about your diet, make sure you have the basics in place - good feeding technique, good gas and wind release techniques and a good sleeping routine!



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