Colic babies are challenging! Fortunately, with a few new skills and a little time, we can help our baby to pass more gas and wind in a natural way, without months of costly medications that often cause additional problems of their own.


There are two parts to helping colic and reflux... they both involve getting gas and winds to escape:

1. A proper burping routine just for these types of babies:
Any mom can tell you that a baby that doesn't burp well is a fussy baby. The longer this goes on, the more colicky they become. Standard burping techniques work for 85% of babies, but not for colic and reflux babies. We need to do a variety of different techniques and we need to be a lot more active in doing them. This is the first routine we teach new mom's battling to get the burps out. 

  • Six positions

  • Entire routine takes around 7 minutes

  • Do after feeding and a some just before you feed

  • By day 3-4 burps will start to come up regularly (if not before)

  • Gentle, safe and easy to learn

2. Getting stuck intestinal gas to escape:

This routine of six deep gas mobilisation techniques' targets the most common areas where pockets of gas get trapped - the cause of all that moaning, groaning, straining and cramping!  

  • Six massage/ agitation type exercises

  • Stimulate the ileo-caecal valve, colon, diaphragm and small intestine

  • Gentle, safe and easy to learn


  • Watch a short explainer from Dr. Greg Lacock

  • Unique techniques that parents can easily learn 

  • Get that gas and wind to escape!

  • Learn more and watch a demo

Dr. Greg Lacock introduces the importance of getting those deep burps out for colicky and refluxing babies  >

demo of a deep burping technique

nothing works quite so well as rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands on!


watch a demo of one of the 6 burping techniques

trampoline >

how to hold a colic baby


In this 30 minute series of short video clips, we will teach you unique techniques that get gas and wind to release from even the most difficult babies:

  • Almost always see positive changes within days

  • Reduce bloating, cramping, crying, reflux, etc

  • Costs $35 - Money back guarantee if not totally satisfied

  • Watch as many times as you need

Additional Resources for Subscribers: 

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