On our do-it-yourself learning center, you will quickly learn what works well for colicky baby's:

active burping techniques for gas trapped in the stomach:
these six techniques are very effective for getting deeper burps to release.  this is often the most important step in easing stomach colic

gas release techniques for intestinal gas:

this routine of 'release techniques' targets the most common areas where pockets of gas get trapped - the cause of all that moaning, groaning, straining and cramping!  See a demo

  • Gentle, safe and easy to learn

  • plus other issues discussed on our learning center........

  • emergency soothing ideas

  • holding a colicky baby

  • feeding issues: over or underfeeding

  • reflux management

  • sleeping positions

  • breastfeeding a colicky baby

  • pacifiers

  • tummy time 

  • access fee is $29.95.


How It Works

  • If you need help with diagnosis, have a difficult situation or simply have a million questions, this service is for you

  • In 28 years of practice, I have learned a lot about the different ways to help colicky babies.  By asking the right questions, I can often give some advice on what to try.  Simple changes can sometimes make all the difference​​

  • Once you make payment, complete form with contact details, basic info and best time to call

  • 15-20 minute telephone consultation

  • We will talk at the earliest opportunity... usually within 1-2 business days


  • My time zone is CET (Central European Time)

  • I have various times during the day devoted to telephonic consultations

  • Depending where you live, we will arrange a convenient time


  • Cost is $45 and includes access to learning center

  • With new Covid-19 health procedures, you may be able to get reimbursed from medical insurances. We can't promise this but you will get a receipt with relevant codes for whichever option you choose.