trapped intestinal gas... 

the cause of most colic and reflux


excessive gas in the digestive tract causes bloating, indigestion, reflux, cramps and pain!


there are lots of medical 'remedies' that claim to help but nothing works quite so well as a few good farts! what can we do to try and encourage this?


the answer is deep intestinal massage or what we call 'release techniques'. 


watch a demo of one of the 6 release techniques - 'ileo caecal valve stimulation' >

get the farts out!

colic release techniques : trapped intestinal gas

the biggest cause of colic symptoms (by far!) is excessive gas in the intestinal area. the baby will often push and strain continuously as they try to push it out. they cramp, cry and can moan and groan for hours, even when asleep.


colic remedies may help to ease the symptoms by relaxing the muscular walls of the intestines. but this can mean medicating for several months.


by learning and doing our routines, you are much more likely to see a faster overall improvement.