natural treatment for colic

mother natures approach to treating the causes of colic!


when most parents think about a natural way to treat colic or reflux, they usually are thinking of a herbal remedy of some sort. while these may help to manage symptoms, they won't cure the problem.


the most natural way to help colic is quite simply to treat the cause of colic which is almost always trapped winds and gas. this means getting the burps out through good burping technique. it also means doing the right things to mobilise trapped intestinal gas. this could be practical massage techniques, tummy time, correct feeding, etc.


the Colic Release Technique is a hands on, active and practical way to treat the causes of babies discomfort. this approach consists of:

  • a 6 step active burping routine to get the deeper burps to release;

  • a series of deep intestinal massage techniques to mobilise trapped gas

  • special stretches to ease spasms in hip and spinal muscles


this is not brain surgery! the techniques are aimed at the first time parent and are easy to learn and safe to do. of all the ways to treat colic, these techniques are by far the most natural and effective.


watch a demo of one of the burping techniques, called the 'trampoline' >>

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