symptoms vs causes

medical way - treating symptoms 


the symptoms of colic can last for many months. it is draining and exhausting for the baby and the entire family! having personally treated thousands of babies, I've had plenty of feedback about all treatments. the reality is this: there is no medicine that cures all symptoms! 

there are a wide variety of colic remedies, antacids, pain killers and homeopathic concoctions to try... none appear to be much better than the rest so its a matter of luck: Gripe water, Colic Calm, Colief, Gaviscon, Panado, Bennett's, etc. 


natural way - treating causes


the good news is that you are probably already trying the natural way.... trying to get the burps and winds out. our natural approach means that we just teach you how to do this a little better than your are. 

  • learn techniques appropriate for your type of colic 

  • treat cause naturally even if taking medicines, remedies, etc

  • depending on your history, it my be an necessary to try an elimination diet, a probiotic or perhaps lactase enzymes, especially if baby had antibiotics

demo of a gas release technique

nothing works quite so well as rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands on! watch a demo of one of the 6 colic 'release techniques' -  ileo caecal valve stimulation >

a quick word of advice


it is only natural for the parent to want their baby's symptoms to ease as soon as possible. soothing techniques and colic remedies are important for the crisis periods when your baby is cramping, crying and distressed. 


but sadly, many parents medicate only, jumping from one 'remedy' to the next in their quest for relief. it is not uncommon to hear that a baby is being given 3 or 4 of these and they're only three weeks old! like many conditions, treating only the symptoms will not solve the problem. in fact, it often ends up taking months longer because more appropriate treatment is delayed. 


the good news is that it's not that difficult to help if you know what to do. as long as your baby is not sick, hungry or has an underlying problem, the cause of discomfort can usually be diagnosed with good history taking. once you know the cause, you can stop experimenting!