Getting the Burps Out

winding or burping a baby

getting baby's burps out is so important!


if swallowed wind is taking up space, your baby will almost always be less comfortable until it escapes. they may be fussy, cramp, cry or not sleep well. in addition, the stomach cannot fill up as it should. this leads to a baby that is unfulfilled and consequently wants to feed again before too long.


the solution is to get as much gas or wind to release as possible. it might be one big burp or several little ones. it is quite often that deep little bubble that causes the discomfort and blockage (much like an airlock in your plumbing). dr. pilar bradshaw shows you how to get the basics of shallow burping right in this 2 minute video.


to get the deeper burps out, learn the Active Burping Techniques on our online learning center.

how to a wind baby
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