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Getting the Burps Out

winding or burping a baby

Why burping is so important
Some baby's burp easily but some are a real challenge! These baby's are far more likely to be fussy and ultimately get colic or reflux.


If swallowed wind is taking up space, your baby will almost always be less comfortable until it escapes. They may be fussy, cramp, cry or not sleep well. In addition, the stomach cannot fill up as it should. this leads to a baby that is unfulfilled and consequently wants to feed again before too long (comfort feeding).


The solution is usually a different style of burping that gets these deeper burps to escape. We call this 'Active Burping" and we teach a routine of six different techniques. Do after each feed and sometimes before the feed and see a remarkable difference!


how to hold a colic baby


In this 30 minute series of short video clips, we will teach you unique techniques that get gas and wind to release from even the most difficult babies:

1. Active burping routine - 6 techniques to release deep burps from the stomach

2. Intestinal gas release - 6 ways to untrap flatulence from digestive tract and colon 

3. Easy step by step process - Instantly start to ease pressure

4. Almost always see positive changes within days

5. Reduce bloating, cramping, crying, reflux, etc

6. Costs $35 - Money back guarantee if no improvement

7. Watch as many times as you need

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