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Invitation to Affiliates

Let's help little babies together!

If, like us, you are passionately involved in babies healthcare, whether as an author or business owner, we can offer you a simple and easy way to be rewarded for your referrals. You can be confident that our online consultation and masterclass is exactly what many unhappy babies need – good practical help and advice on how to get through this difficult patch!

Quick and Simple to Sign Up

We use Goaffpro, one of the best affiliation programs, to track and reward referrals and sales. For each sale, you receive $10. Simply sign up, copy your unique link, and start including it in your articles, emails, blogs, etc.

Whilst not every referral results in a sale, most visitors are struggling with an unhappy baby and see that we can offer a solution. Your links can still reward you many years after the they were first placed, resulting in a nice passive income stream for affiliates.

We look forward to hearing from you!


The Colic Guru

Dr. G Lacock

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