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Dr Greg Lacock

This website is born of my passion for helping babies.

Colic is poorly understood and poorly treated, with parents left to try a range of remedies and often ineffective treatments. This often results in months of needless suffering and sleepless nights. I have come to believe that prolonged colic can even have an effect on the babies personality!

I approach the treatment of colic and reflux from a holistic perspective that involves more than just medicating symptoms but looks at causes as well as management changes that can make a world of difference. I’ve personally treated well over 5,000 babies over the past 24 years and have heard about every imaginable symptom and remedy for colic!

Releasing one little 'bubble' can make all the difference.

In most cases though, it comes down to helping your baby to get trapped winds and gas to escape. My techniques are ‘hands on’ practical exercises that you can begin immediately and expect to see results quickly. Getting a deep burp to escape can brings instant relief. The same goes for releasing a deep pocket of intestinal gas.


The teaching videos I have put together, accessible through our learning center, are user-friendly and very easy to follow.

I certainly don't profess to know it all, and as such have put together advice from a variety of baby and child experts. We have a wealth of quality content in the Self Help section, covering everything from colic to how to boost your child's intelligence and I do hope you will find the information of value.


The Colic Guru

Dr. G Lacock

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