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Why is your baby uncomfortable?

Gas and winds are the main cause of discomfort in the newborn baby.


In the early stages, they may simply be fussy. But this can progress to colic and reflux, especially if you only treat symptoms with medicines.

There are, of course, other causes related to feeding, sleeping, muscle spasms, alignment, etc. 

Master Class in Relieving Trapped Gas

A burping routine for hard to burp babies:

Any mom can tell you that a baby that doesn't burp well is a fussy baby. The longer this goes on, the more colicky they become. Standard burping techniques work for most babies, but not all. For these babies, we need to be more creative and do a variety of different techniques and we need to be a lot more active in doing them. 

  • A unique routine of various positions

  • Takes less than ten minutes

  • Do after each feed (and number 5 just before you feed)

  • By day 3-4 burps will start to come up regularly (if not before)

  • Gentle, safe and easy to learn

Deep intestinal massage techniques to help gas escape out the bottom end:

This routine of six deep abdominal massage techniques' targets the most common areas where pockets of gas get trapped - the cause of all that moaning, groaning, straining and cramping! 

  • Six deep massage and agitation type exercises

  • Stimulate the ileo-caecal valve, colon, diaphragm and small intestine

  • Gentle, safe and easy to learn

  • Gets gas to escape out the bottom end!

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How It Works

Colic Guru Master Class

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  • Perfect for the first time parent

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