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Can a pacifier (dummy) help colic ?

Yes, a fussy or colicky baby often needs to be soothed and comforted and the right pacifier can be a big help!

This is especially true if they are crying a lot and in the process, sucking in even more air. The suckling action can even help gas and milk to move through the digestive tract.

mom holding baby with a dummy

A pacifier or dummy can help colic and there is no good reason not to try. You may need to try different shapes and sizes as mouths are different. There are some concerns about changes to the palate which could cause later problems with speech or the TMJ joints, but these issues seem fairly uncommon and are not relevant in short term use.

If breastfeeding, try not to use one in the first month unless really needed, as it may lead to 'nipple confusion'. But if you need to use one, don't stress, your baby will almost always be able to figure it out!



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