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When does colic go away?

baby lying on blanket

Colic usually peaks at around 8-12 weeks and goes away as the baby gets bigger - around 4-6 months. There is no reason why one baby gets colic rather than another. Mostly, it is just a function of an immature digestive tract and how well it functions from the start.

Treating symptoms with remedies does not usually speed up the process. at best, it simply helps with the discomfort. On the other hand, treating the cause - getting better at burping or working on gas pockets to escape, works very fast... usually within a few days.

Now this may seem like common sense, yet many parents persist for weeks or months with colic remedies, probiotics, anti-reflux medicines, etc.. To help colic go away quickly, simply get better at what you are instinctively doing... getting the gas and wind to escape!



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