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Milestones for baby's first year

baby and doctor

It is important to know what’s happening to your baby’s body, especially during the first year of life. This is particularly true for the first time parent who’s on a very steep learning curve!

We’ve kept it simple so that you can open up each month and remind yourself what to expect and to notice the changes as they happen. It makes the experience so much more special!

In the first few weeks, the overwhelming focus is on feeding. For most parents, this is not a problem and comes quite naturally. For others, breast feeding can be problematic for a variety of reasons. Be sure to visit if you are struggling. They have some great tips and advice for what milestones to expect in baby's first year.

What milestones to expect in the first year of baby's life

Month 1 - A sleepy month

  • lifts head for short periods of time

  • may turn toward familiar sounds

  • can focus on close items

  • strong reflexive responses when cheek is touched or stroked

  • strong grasp reflex if something is placed in baby’s hand

  • brings hands to face

  • makes jerky arm movements

Month 2 - Baby is awake!

Month 3 - The personality month. Baby starts to interact with you

Month 4 - Watch out! They’re starting to roll!

Month 5 - Transition. Baby is changing from an infant to a baby.

Month 6 - Food, food, food. Very ready to eat solid foods.

Month 7 - Let the games begin. Baby will love little games.

Month 8 - Watch out! They’re getting around!

Month 9 - Baby has his own schedule, personality and routine.

Month 10 - Refined understanding. Reacts to your instructions.

Month 11 - Taking over the house! Knows limits and how far to push.

Month 12 - Refined understanding. Reacts to your instructions.



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